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Priority Research Fund Grant Timeline

Date Title Description
August 15 -
November 15
Pre Apply Announcement GRI distributes Priority Research Funds applications.
October 15 Priority Research Funds Information Session Join us at 12:00pm as we discuss how to apply for a grant, what we look for in an application and type of items that are eligible for funding.
December 15 Submit one-page Expression of Interest to Apply Deadline Expression of Interest must be submitted before applying for a grant. GRI reviews for eligibility.
December 15 Review Eligibility GRI will contact applicants for applicants' eligibility approvals.
March 1 Submission IRB clearance Deadline Applicants should apply to IRB in advance so that they receive an IRB clearance letter before March 1.
March 1 Submission Proposal Deadline Submit nine hardcopies of Full Proposal up to 10 pages in length and one electronic copy by email by 5:00pm.
March through June Review Consideration and Feedback* *Applicants must be available to answer any questions GRI may have regarding their pre-proposal applications.
June 15 Project Award Date Applicant will receive award letter from GRI by mail. Applicant should immediately contact GRI Grant officer to start with paperwork.
June through
September 15
Proposal and Budget Revision Grantees and Grant Officer will meet on occasion to review the budget, work plan, administrative procedures and deadline, including hiring student research assistants.
October 1 Priority Research Funding opens Funding will be available starting of fiscal year.
May 15 Mid Year Progress Report I Due (Summer Plan Summer Pay SPAF) *Current grantees submit a detailed account of their progress and toward objectives and describe any major problem of implementation.
*For grantees that have requested summer pay, submit a summer plan and SPAF for Dean approval, and grantees will be expected to report on the expenditure of funds outcome.
August 15 Mid Year Progress Report II Due One page: Current grantees submit an updated work plan and revised budget report for the next fiscal year.
30 DAYS Final Report A final report should be sent to the Fund Officer no later than 30 days following the end of the grant. Your eligibility for a future Priority grant is contingent upon receipt of a final report.

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