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Small Research Grant Program Timeline

Date Title Description
August 15 through
October 1
Pre Apply Announcement GRI distributes Small Research Grants applications.
October 1 Fall, Spring & Summer Grants Application Cycle Opens GRI begins to accept Small Research Grants applications.
November 15 Small Grants Research Information Session Join us at 12:00pm on November 15 as we discuss how to apply for a grant, what we look for in an application and type of items that are eligible for funding.
Three weeks Review Consideration and Feedback* GRI committees take up to 3 weeks to review and provide feedback. Applicants must be available to answer any questions GRI may have regarding their pre-proposal applications. Not all applicants will be contacted.
Late spring Deadline Awards are made until annual funding runs out, usually by late spring (mid-May). First come, first serve. Apply early to guarantee funding!
Project Award Date Once award letter is received from GRI by mail, the funded project is ready to start.
30 DAYS Final report A final report should be sent to the Fund Officer no later than 30 days following the end of the grant. Your eligibility for a future Priority grant is contingent upon receipt of a final report.

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