Research Funding Opportunties

Application Deadlines for Priority Research Funds

Gallaudet Faculty and Staff members, who are interested in applying for a grant to study a Priority Research topic, please submit:

  1. See the Priority Grants Timeline (PDF) for a list of important dates and deadlines.
  2. Prepare an "Expression of Interest to Apply"
    Send to your Department Chairperson and get his/her approval to proceed.

    Write one page that describes the research project, including:

    Send a copy by email to RSIA Grants <>

  3. Submit a Grant Proposal
    Submit to RSIA Grants <>
    and bring hard copies to Dawes House, Room 206

    Download Priority Research materials:
    Contact: RSIA Grants <>

  4. Submit Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application with your Grant Proposal

    Funding cannot be provided until IRB clearance is obtained.

    Download IRB application:
    Contact: Carlene Thumann-Prezioso (x5943v)

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