Small Grants Research Fund

Projects Funded: FY2005

The Gallaudet Research Institute Small Grants Fund encourages research projects undertaken by faculty, staff, and students, covering a wide range of research topics and methodologies.

The FY2005 GRI Small Grants funds were awarded to:
Investigator(s) Department Title of Study
David Akanji Administration and Supervision Management of Blind Education in Nigeria
Kari Bahl and
Susen McBeth
Interpretation Features of Successful Interpretations: Analyzing the Work of Interpreters from Different Linguistic Backgrounds
Dr. H. Dirksen Bauman ASL and Deaf Studies Sources of the French Deaf Enlightenment
Michele Bishop Linguistics Bimodal Bilingualism in Hearing Native Users of ASL
Dr. Barbara Bodner-Johnson Education Friendships Between Children Who are Deaf and Hearing
Ruchi Bhargava Psychology Factors Influencing Adolescents' Ability to Manage Aggression in a Safe and Constructive Manner
Drs. Lois Bragg and
Rachel Channon
English Describing Deaf English
Goedele DeClerck ASL and Deaf Studies Deaf Empowerment, Identity, and Agency in International Deaf Leaders at Gallaudet
Dr. Paul Dudis Linguistics ASL Constructions and Iconicity: Towards a Grammar of Signed Languages
Tracy Durham Psychology Concurrent Validity of the Beck Anxiety Inventory with Deaf College Students
Natalye Faison Hearing and Speech Sciences Acoustic Output of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulators
Folami Ford Interpretation Culturally Appropriate Interpretations: Accounting for Ethnicity in the Interpreting Process
Amy Frasu Roach Interpretation English-to-ASL Interpretation: Perspective When a Visual Aid is Present
Stormy Iverson Hearing and Speech Sciences Speech-language Pathologists Perception of their Preparedness to Work with Children with Cochlear Implants
Dr. Andrea Izzo Education Action Research in Literacy Education: Becoming a Researcher
Joseph Kolcun Physical Education and Recreation Perceived Constraints Associated with Participation in Gallaudet University's Intramural Sports Program
Professor Harry Markowicz English Diachronic Change in ASL
Melissa Marshall-Foote English An Ethnographic Research Investigation into the Gullah Language and Culture
Dr. Deborah Pichler Linguistics Acquisition of ASL as a Second Language
Jennifer Reesman Psychology High-Risk Pregnancies: Concordance of Attachment in Expectant Parents
Michelle Smith Psychology Assessment of Interpersonal Relations and At-Risk Behavior in Deaf College Students
Dr. Ian Sutherland Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures The House of the Large Fountain at Pompeii
Nadine Sutton Psychology Reliability and Validity of the Adapted Humor Styles Questionnaire with Deaf College Students
Nan Truitt Psychology Diagnostic Assessment of Adjudicated and Institutionalized Boys: Profiling ADHD and FASD Using M-Mat and Actigraphy
Michelle Veyvoda Hearing and Speech Sciences The Perspectives of Deaf Parents on Speech Training Services for their Deaf Children
Frances Walsh Interpretation Ideological Frames Represented in Interpreting Publications: Terminology Changes Over the Last Thirty Years

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DISCLAIMER: This website contains documents with terms that may be considered by today's reader as outdated and even offensive. For example, the term "hearing impairment" is sometimes used as a category for levels of hearing loss, such as hard of hearing and deaf. Some people now see cultural identification and communication preference as defining characteristics behind terms such as hard of hearing and deaf, and they do not favor terms conveying medical distinctions and loss. Yet we recognize that removing and changing terms may alter the precise meaning of the scientific author. A solution may be found by expanding the scope of future research to include non-medical perspectives.
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