Small Grants Research Fund

Projects Funded: FY2006

The Gallaudet Research Institute Small Grants Fund encourages research projects undertaken by faculty, staff, and students, covering a wide range of research topics and methodologies.

The 2006-2007 GRI Small Grants funds were awarded to:

The FY2006 GRI Small Grants funds were awarded to:
David Akanji
Special Education Administration and Supervision
Management of Blind Education in Nigerian Public Schools
Cristi Berdichevsky
Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Investigating the Social, Economic, Political, and Cultural Issues That Affect the Lives of Deaf People in Argentina, Costa Rica, and Mexico
Lois Bragg and Diana Gates
English and the Library
Audism or Advocacy: Lydia Sigourny
Jessteene Clifford
The Instructional Episodes of Itinerant Teachers of Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Pamela Dean
The Computer Administered Neuropsychological Screen for Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Validity Study with Deaf College Students
Goedele A.M. De Clerck
Deaf Studies
Deaf empowerment, identity, and agency in international Deaf leaders at Gallaudet University.
Tamar Del Valle
Hearing Speech and Language Sciences
Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Levels of Active Noise Cancellation Headphones
Lynn Capps Dey
The Role of Deaf Interpreters: Investigating What Deaf Interpreters Experienced.
Beth Dukes
Deaf Studies
Approaches in Bilingual Education Using American Sign Language and Cued English
Tracy Durham
Reliability and Validity of the Beck anxiety Inventory with Deaf College Students
Barbara Gerner de Garcia
Educational Foundations and Research
Implementing bilingual education for the deaf in Catalonia: Beliefs about critical knowledge needed in bilingual classrooms with deaf children.
Emily Gilbert
Consecutive Interpreting: A pilot study investigating its use among working interpreters.
Shilpa Hanumantha
Performance Comparisons of Deaf and Hearing Adults on the Wechsler Memory Scale- Third Edition Subtests: Faces I, II
Danielle Inverso
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Cochlear Implant Mediated Perception of Non-Linguistic Sound Stimuli
Angelia Lawson
Exploring a Deaf Parent’s Experiences of Raising Hearing Children
James Mahshie
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
The Vocal Profile Analysis: Exploration and Application to the Speech of Deaf Individuals
Susan Mather
Lower Facial Adverbs in American Sign Language
Michal Morgan
Relationship Satisfaction in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Couples
Wafo Ndetatsin
Interpreting Backchannels: The Case of ASL and English
Gina Oliva
Physical Education and Recreation
Motivations and Goals of Owners, Managers, and Counselors of Planned Recreational Programs for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Pia Maria Paulone
Zooplankton Dispersal in the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays
Deborah Pichler
Signing with an accent: ASL L2 Phonology
Pilar Piñar
Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
A psycholinguistic investigation of deaf reader's activation of orthography-phonology correspondences in two languages
Jorge Santiago-Blay
Chemical analyses of fossil resins (amber) and modern plant exudates using C-13 (carbon-13 isotope) solid state (SS) nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and H-1 (proton) NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance)
Marina Simon
Emotional antecedents and reactions in deaf college students
Ann R. Stoll
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Phonological Characteristics of Preschool Aged Hearing Children of Deaf Adults
Christy Suda
Tactile Interpreters: The Deaf-Blind Consumer’s Perspective
Chizuko Tamaki
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
The Effect of Repetition Rates on Vestibular-Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP) Threshold
Helen Thumann
An examination of the Reading Strategies and Behaviors of Skilled Deaf Adult Readers
Qi Wang
Blending Electronic and Classroom Teaching to Support Deaf and Hard of Hearing College Students
Cecily Whitworth
Kigali Handshapes: Phonology in LSR
Amy T. Wilson
Educational Foundations and Research
Survey of STI (included HIV) Programs for People with Disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean
Cynthia Wood Emily Gilbert
Semantic Mismatch- The Dilemma with English Glossing of ASL signs. The project has been completed; co-investigators

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DISCLAIMER: This website contains documents with terms that may be considered by today's reader as outdated and even offensive. For example, the term "hearing impairment" is sometimes used as a category for levels of hearing loss, such as hard of hearing and deaf. Some people now see cultural identification and communication preference as defining characteristics behind terms such as hard of hearing and deaf, and they do not favor terms conveying medical distinctions and loss. Yet we recognize that removing and changing terms may alter the precise meaning of the scientific author. A solution may be found by expanding the scope of future research to include non-medical perspectives.
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