Small Grants Research Fund

Projects Funded: FY2010

The Gallaudet Research Institute Small Grants Fund encourages research projects undertaken by faculty, staff, and students, covering a wide range of research topics and methodologies.

GRI Small Research Grants Awarded to Gallaudet Students 2009-2010

Some of the student grantees are not yet on the list.

The FY2010 GRI Small Grants funds were awarded to:
Study Title
Adams, Elizabeth
Driving while Deaf: A comparative Study
Akinola, Taye
ASL & Deaf Studies
A Place to Call Home: Search for the National Deaf Museum
Birr, Rachel
Deaf Professor Consumer Language Preferences for Interpreters
Benedict, Beth
Families who are deaf: A photographic essay
Blay, Jorge Santiago
Analysis of anthropological objects containing plant exudates, additional modern plant exudates, and ancient materials (copal and amber) with carbon (C-13) and proton (H-1) nuclear magnetic respmamce spectroscopy (NMR)
Boberman Pane, Erica
Hearing Speech & Language Sciences
Difficulty with Face to Face Communication as Perceived by Adult Hearing Aids Users with Mild to Moderate hearing Loss Compared to Adults with Normal Hearing
Brizendine, Fallon
A Comparative Study of Two Deaf Interpreters' ASL Interpretation Work of a Health Care DVD
Connelly, Amanda
Hearing Speech & Language Sciences
Practicing Audiologists Confidence
Crisologo, Anna
Normative Data for Deaf Children on a Measure of Affect Recognition
Couet, Megan
Hearing Speech & Language Sciences
Hearing Loss in Dentists
Craig, Kelly S. Wolf Exploration of Deaf Identity and Body Image
Cull, Amber Production of Movement in Users of ASL and its influence of Being Identified as Non-Native
Geer, Leah
ASL Finger spelling: Comparing Native and Non Native Signers
Earth, Barbara
ASL & Deaf Studies
Culture of Schooling in Two Thai Deaf Schools
Goldsmith, Natalie
Coco, Elise
Balzarini, Krystin
What Happens to Equivalent Meaning During the Course of Interpretation
Klein, Leslie Family Relationships and Sexual Initiation
Ledo, Adam Prosper
A Comparison of the Involvement of Interpreters at Deaf President Now and Unity for Gallaudet: A Documentary Film
Marin, Ruth
Hearing Speech & Language Sciences
An Electrophysiological Examination of Saccular Function in Participants with Gjb2 Deafness
Moore, Elizabeth
Administration & Supervision
Black Deaf Administrations: Leadership Issues and Perceived Challenges to Organizational Advancement
Paul, Erin
Hearing Speech & Language Sciences
Spoken Language Acquisition of a Bimodal, Bilingual Child
Ramacho, Jeanne Anne
Hearing Speech & Language Sciences
Severity of Tinnitus in Deaf Adults
Sabila, Paul
Synthesis of Strained Heterocycles
Schenker, Emily
A Comparative Analysis of Deaf and Hearing Interpreters in Community Settings
Spellman, Sarah
Deaf and Hearing Interpreters
Stone, Martin Academic Motivation for Deaf Students
Sui, Wai Yan Rebecca
ASL & Deaf Studies
Deaf and Accessibility in the Discourse of Hong Kong Rehabilitation Policies
Wagoner, Julie
Hearing Speech & Language Sciences
What is the Range that Should be Considered Normal
Zodda, Jason
Treatment Adherence in the Deaf + Population

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DISCLAIMER: This website contains documents with terms that may be considered by today's reader as outdated and even offensive. For example, the term "hearing impairment" is sometimes used as a category for levels of hearing loss, such as hard of hearing and deaf. Some people now see cultural identification and communication preference as defining characteristics behind terms such as hard of hearing and deaf, and they do not favor terms conveying medical distinctions and loss. Yet we recognize that removing and changing terms may alter the precise meaning of the scientific author. A solution may be found by expanding the scope of future research to include non-medical perspectives.
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