Small Grants Research Fund

Projects Funded: FY2011

The Gallaudet Research Institute Small Grants Fund encourages research projects undertaken by faculty, staff, and students, covering a wide range of research topics and methodologies.

GRI Small Research Grants Awarded to Gallaudet Students 2010-2011

Some of the student grantees are not yet on the list.

The FY2011 GRI Small Grants funds were awarded to:
Study Title
Ackley, R. Steven; Martin, Ruth; Moushey, Jamie
Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences
Vestibular Function in DFNB1 Deafness
Adams, Mimi Rosa
Facial Expression Acquisition in Children
Anderson, Melissa
Violence against Deaf Women: Deaf-Deaf Verse Hearing-Deaf Relationships
Barron, Malibu
Gallaudet University Undergraduates: Attitude and Behavior Toward Budgeting
Benedict , Beth; Bodner-Johnson, Barbara
Communication Studies; Education
Families Who Are Deaf
Benedict, Rachel
ASL Sign NOT as a Possible Prefix
Betman, Beth
Social Work
Exploring the Phenomenological Experience of Child Sexual Abuse in Deaf Women Though the Creation of a Sandtray world
Burkhardt, Brittany
Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences
The Relationship between Speech Audiometry Performance and Broadband Acoustic Reflexes and Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions Results for People with Similar Audiograms in the Moderately-Severe to Profound Hearing Loss Range
Clark, Diane
Educational Foundation Research/VL2
The Dating Game: Do Deaf Individuals’ Dating Scripts Follow the Traditional Sexual Script?
Cull, Amber
Production of Movement in Users of ASL and its Influence of Being Identified as Non-Native
Hochgesang, Julie
Representation of Hand Configuration Data in Different Notation Systems for Child Acquisition of ASL
Lovik, Julianna; Roy, Cynthia
Repair in Interpreted Discourse
Mazevski, Annette
Hearing,Speech and Language Sciences
Aging Adults: Changes in Audibility and Memory, and their Effects on Speech Task Performance
Mirus, Gene
ASL/Deaf Studies/General Studies
Face2Face Video Interactions with IPhones
Morgan, Michal
Relationship Satisfaction in Mixed Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing Couples
Nead, Daniel
The Use of the Trauma Symptom Inventory and Brief Symptom Inventory with Deaf and Hard Hearing Israelis
Peschiera, Meghan
Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences
Hearing Loss in Dentists
Sabila, Paul
Synthesis of Strained Heterocycles
Soje, Gabriel
The Effects of Administrative Leadership Styles on Organizational Culture in Schools for Deaf and Mainstreamed Students in Lagos State, Nigeria
Tyler, Allison
ASL and Deaf Studies
Parallelism between Native Americans at the Boarding Schools during the Late 1800’s and Deaf People during the Oral Method Movement
Villanueva, Miako
Interpreters’ use of focus shifts in ASL
Wafa, Talah
Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences
The Vestibular Effects of Cochlear Implantation in Deaf Adults
Wolf Craig, Kelly
Body Image, Deaf Identity and the Tripartite Model: A preliminary Study
Yates, Michael; Crisologo, Anna; Hall, Wyatte; Schmitt Nelson, Shawn; Plotkin, Rachael; Witkin, Greg; Zodda, Jason
Signing While Driving: An Investigation of Divided Attention Resources Among Deaf Drivers
Zodda, Jason
Prevalence and Predicators of Risky Sexual Behavior in Young Adults who are Deaf

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DISCLAIMER: This website contains documents with terms that may be considered by today's reader as outdated and even offensive. For example, the term "hearing impairment" is sometimes used as a category for levels of hearing loss, such as hard of hearing and deaf. Some people now see cultural identification and communication preference as defining characteristics behind terms such as hard of hearing and deaf, and they do not favor terms conveying medical distinctions and loss. Yet we recognize that removing and changing terms may alter the precise meaning of the scientific author. A solution may be found by expanding the scope of future research to include non-medical perspectives.
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