The Gallaudet Research Institute has continued with its First Wednesday Seminar Series of presentations, which usually take place on the first Wednesday of each month. Below you will find PDF slides of some of the recent presentations.

Note: The bullets in the table below, link to the presentations in various formats.

03/04/2004 No Child Left Behind
and the Testing of Deaf Students
Michael Karchmer
03/24/2004 Automated Sign Language Recognition:
Past, Present, and Future

Christian Vogler
04/07/2004 How Many People Use ASL
and Other Questions
Without Good Answers...
Ross E. Mitchell
04/07/2004 Literacy for Latino Deaf and Hard of Hearing
English Language Learners:
Building the Knowledge Base
Barbara Gerner de Garcia
02/02/2005 Contentious Politics in the Disability Community:
Past Research and Future Directions
Sharon Barnartt
03/02/2005 Book Sharing the Deaf Way:
An Ethnographic Study in a Bilingual Preschool for Deaf Children
Lynne C. Erting
04/06/2005 The Legal Right to Communication in Education
Larry Siegel
04/29/2005 Deaf Education in South Africa
Claudine Storbeck
04/29/2005 Deaf Community in Turkey
Mary Essex
09/14/2005 Narrative, Identity, and Theory in Deaf Studies
Ben Bahan and H-Dirksen Bauman
10/05/2005 Gesture and ASL Acquisition
Sara Taub, Dennis Galvan, Pilar Piñar, and Susan Mather
11/02/2005 Disability Pressure Groups in Europe:
Organization, Strategy, and Tactics.
Russell Olsen, David Penna, and Mairin Veith
11/10/2005 The Rising of Lotus Flowers:
Self-Education of Deaf Children in Thai Boarding Schools.
Charles and Nipapon Reilly
02/01/2006 Effects of Hearing Loss on Self-Hearing During Speech Production
Dragana Barac-Cikoja
09/13/2006 Functional imaging studies of categorical
processing of simple sounds and sign language gestures
Dr. Fatima T. Husain
10/04/2006 The Effects of the Star Schools Bilingual in-Service
Training Model on Teachers of the Deaf
Maribel Garate
12/06/2006 Evaluating the Clerc Center's Shared Reading Project
Linda Delk
10/06/2010 Processes Used by Deaf Middle School Students to Revise Their Own Texts
Christina Yuknis
11/03/2010 Experimental Approaches to Sign Language Phonology
Gaurav Mathur

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