Priority Grants Research Fund

Abstracts of Priority Research Projects

The Office of Research Support & International Affairs manages this fund designed to support research projects throughout the campus that address areas that have been determined to be of high priority to the University.

The RSIA Priority Research Fund is designed primarily for Gallaudet faculty, students, and staff interested in seeking research support.


You can fill-in and print an on-line application or you can obtain one from the the reception desk of the Office of Research Support & International Affairs, Dawes House. Please note that the IRB submission is required before the submission to RSIA, for projects involving human subjects.

Spring and Fall proposal deadlines will be announced at the Research Funding at Gallaudet - Deadlines site.

Researchers borrowing equipment from RSIA must complete the Equipment Lending Form and submit it to RSIA.

For questions regarding the Priority Research Fund, including the application process and logistics, proposal design and feedback on drafts, send e-mail to RSIA Grants <>

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