Did you notice the FREEDOMS we’ve granted you?

Our copyright license if different! It grants freedoms rather than just imposing restrictions like most of the other textbooks you probably have used.

  • We know people copy textbooks illegally but we would LOVE it if you copied ours - go ahead copy to your hearts content, legally!
  • Publishers revenue is generated by controlling the market, we don’t want any money, go ahead, distribute our books far and wide - we DARE you!
  • Ever wanted to change your textbook? Of course you have! Go ahead change ours, make your own version, get your friends together, rip it apart and put it back together the way you like it. That’s what we really want!
  • Copy, modify, adapt, enhance, share, critique, adore, and contextualise. Do it all, do it with your colleagues, your friends or alone but get involved! Together we can overcome the challenges our complex and diverse country presents.
  • So what is the catch? The only thing you can’t do is take this book, make a few changes and then tell others that they can’t do the same with your changes. It’s share and share-alike and we know you’ll agree that is only fair.
  • This book was written by volunteers who want to help support education, who want the facts to be freely available for teachers to copy, adapt and re-use. Many hours went into making them and they are a gift to everyone in the education community.


[1]We want to thank the Free High School Science Text project, from whom we adapted this copyright notice.