8. Ignore the security warning¶

Security Warning [OK]

During the install, Eclipse will pop up a security warning, telling you that the plugin has not been signed. Digital signatures are attachments to to software that are produced using special encryption software that makes it very difficult to duplicate. This means each developer or team has a unique signature that cannot be forged. This is used to help prevent viruses from infecting your computer: There is software that helps check the validity od digital signatures. If you are using free software, it is better to find signed software if possible.

However, sometimes developers do not sign their work. However, the Saros team is an official group at the Freie Universität Berlin and appears to be trustworthy. (See the Acknowledgements for more details about the group.)

Just click the OK button.


If you are curious about digital signatures, you may want to read Digital Encryption and Digital Signatures with GPG.