This directory is a resource of and for mental health professionals and for deaf consumers. It was developed to provide a comprehensive listing of services and programs for deaf people in the United States and Canada. There are changes in this directory since the 2003 edition, with several new providers listed and others no longer present. It is of particular interest to note that the list of private practitioners has increased by xxxx. (CHECK THIS)

Every effort was made to provide as complete a directory as possible, however since information was self-reported, it was dependent on agencies and service providers finding our call for participation and completing and returning our questionnaires. Therefore this directory is not seen as a complete listing of mental health services for the deaf and hard of hearing in the United States and Canada, but rather as a beginning point for finding services and doing further research on your own. What we did was to contact agencies and individuals who were listed in the 2003 directory and to put notices of our intent to update the directory, on the Gallaudet University Department of Counseling website, on the ADARA website, in ADARA newsletters and at their 2005 Conference.

Because information presented in this directory was self-reported, we cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy or the currency of the information. However, we believe that both accuracy and currency are important and we seek ways to address that failing. It is our hope that future additions, deletions, and changes to this resource directory will be found on-line and that internet technology will allow for more current and accurate information.

We also cannot assume responsibility for the quality of services provided as there was no intention to assess quality of services, appropriate professional licenses or certifications to provide services, accessibility, or signing ability of providers. Therefore, the information in this directory is not an endorsement of any agency or individual listed. It is the responsibility of the consumer to check qualifications, including license and certification and to ask about, as well as to evaluate their own experiences, of providers' accessibility and their signing skills. We encourage consumers to seek additional references and information from the Deaf community in their areas to substantiate the quality and accessibility of services listed in this directory.

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