The first publication of Mental Health Services for Deaf People was edited by Barbara A. Willigan and Susan King of the Gallaudet Research Institute (GRI) and was jointly published in 1992 by the GRI, the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association, and the University of California, San Francisco, Center on Deafness. Through the work of these persons and organizations, the first concise directory of mental health services for deaf and hard of hearing people in North America, was born. Since 1992, the directory has undergone revisions every few years, in ..., ..., ... and .... The most recent revision, under the editorship of Diane Morton and Caroline Kendall, was in 2003.

This edition of the directory is the result of collaboration and support from several individuals. The Gallaudet Research Institute has remained a constant player throughout the years this directory has been published; Susan King and Senda Benaissa provided valuable support and assistance for all parts of this project and Kevin Cole provided internet and web page support. Roger Beach, chair of The Department of Counseling, under the Graduate School and Professional Programs, has given his full support and encouragement for this project.

We thank all of the many mental health service providers who participated in this project. It is you who truly made this directory possible.

Linda Risser Lytle, Ph.D.
Department of Counseling

LaNina Mompremier
Department of Clinical Psychology

Crystal Bradley
Department of Counseling

Colleen Owens, M.A.
Department of Counseling

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