October 13, 2005

Dear Director of Deaf Services,

It has been two years since the publication of the Mental Health Services for Deaf People: A Resource Directory (2003 Edition), co-edited by Diane Morton, Ph.D. and Caroline Kendall, Ph.D. Many service providers have found the directory helpful. However, each year new agencies and practitioners are established, and contact information is changed. Therefore, we are working to update the directory in order to provide you with a concise list of mental health services for deaf and hard of hearing persons in North America. In previous years, service providers have expressed interest in having the directory available online. This year we are collaborating accomplish this task.

If you are a practitioner or a program providing mental health services to deaf and hard of hearing consumers, we invite you to submit an entry form to be included in the 2005 edition of the Mental Health Services for Deaf People: A Resource Directory. Enclosed is the form necessary for inclusion in the directory. A secure site has also been made available for you to submit your forms online at https://securedgspp.gallaudet.edu/mhps. After receipt, information will be published as it appears on the entry form, but in a different format.

If you know of a practitioner or program that serves deaf and hard of hearing persons who has not received an entry (survey) form and would like to be included, please direct them to the website above or they may contact us directly.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at linda.lytle@gallaudet.edu or call (202) 651-5515 v/tty.


Linda Lytle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Student Assistants:
Crystal Bradley
Colleen Owens
LaNiña Williams

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