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Language acquisition, literacy learning, and literate thinking in young d/Deaf children

ID: 1871
Status: Ongoing
End Date: September 2015


The proposed inquiry focuses on Deaf caregivers mediation of their Deaf child(ren)'s language acquisition, literacy development, and literate discourse from birth to approximately five years of age with existing "Signs of literacy" data consisting of six families and 15 children. This inquiry is the first phase of a planned larger study of a more diverse group of Deaf infants and toddlers and their signing caregivers. To prepare for the larger study, we will use and evaluate several qualitative software programs in the current analysis to identify appropriate software for a larger study. The inquiry will extend initial findings in the case of Ann with previously collected data from six white Deaf families (12 caregivers) and 15 children. In preparation for the larger-scale research project with diverse participants, the challenge is to determine the appropriate software program for extensive coding and analysis of video data. It is crucial that the selected software program is powerful and effective in managing an large collection of video data that will be analyzed by numerous members of the research team within and across the diverse family-participants.

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Hile, A. E., Bailes, C. N., Kite, B. J., Mitchiner, J., & Santini, J. (2014). Literate-thinking behaviors among the Deaf caregivers and Deaf children. Presented at the meeting of the Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Washington, DC.

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