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A validation study of the signed paired associates test for children

ID: 1996
Status: Completed
Start date: January 2013
End Date: July 2015


There are no published measures available that assess language related memory for children who communicate using American Sign Language (ASL). Most memory measures are created using spoken language, which creates methodological difficulties when translating those measures into ASL. A signed paired associates test was developed by researchers at the University of Rochester to assess verbal (sign-based) learning and memory for Deaf adults. The goal of the present study is to pilot a modified version of that measure to a sample of Deaf children, ranging in age from 6 to 17 years. Results will be used to determine if the modified children's version is feasible for use with Deaf children who are fluent in ASL. Convergent validity will be established by comparing the combined sample results to those obtained in previous research. Discriminant validity will be determined by comparing the results of the C-SPAT performance with measures found to be unrelated to verbal memory performance (i.e., motor speed as measured by the Purdue Pegboard, rapid naming, and visual-motor integration).

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