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An elementary Deaf teacher's interactions with Deaf girls and boys

ID: 2250
Status: Completed
Start date: October 2013
End Date: September 2014


This study focused on teacher-student interactions to explore gender equity with Deaf students. This case study used mixed methods to explore how an elementary school Deaf teacher interacted with Deaf girls and boys in the classroom. Previous studies with hearing students reveal how pre-kindergarten-12th grade teachers' interactions with students are biased toward boys. Data collection consisted of observations, videotapes, use of an observation analysis instrument called Interactions for Sex Equity in Classroom Teaching (INTERSECT), field notes, and interviews with the teacher. Data was analyzed to answer three questions: 1) How does an elementary school Deaf teacher interact with Deaf students in the classroom? 2) Do the interactions differ between Deaf girls and boys? If so, how? 3) Do the Deaf teacher's interactions differ from hearing teachers' interactions as described in previous studies?

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