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Understanding the CDI: Interpreting medical situations for language and learning challenged Deaf patients.

ID: 2274
Status: Completed
Start date: March 2014
End Date: June 2014


The study investigates Certified Deaf Interpreters' (CDI) experiences when working with Language and Learning Challenged (LLC) Deaf patients in medical settings, and types of techniques they use to communicate with the population. The philosophical assumption of the study follows the transformative paradigm, which focuses mostly on issues of power inequities and marginalized people. The phenomenological approach is used in the proposed study to share participants' point of view, rather than through the researcher. Interpreters are usually trained to interpret information simultaneously; however Deaf LLC individuals may benefit better from consecutive interpreting. CDIs are trained to interpret the information consecutively, while incorporating cultural and lingual differences in their messages. There are research studies that focus on CDI and Deaf LLC individuals in legal settings; however, this is the first research that addresses the topic in medical settings. This research attempts to describe CDIs' experience working with Deaf LLC individuals and examine the techniques that they use to communicate with the population. It is hoped that results of this research will contribute to the existing literature on the CDIs and Deaf LLC population.

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