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Project D2: Context-sensitive assessment of real-world listening situations via integrated smartphones and hearing aids

ID: 2635
Status: Ongoing
Start date: October 2016
End Date: September 2019


In order to improve hearing aid outcomes, it is critical to understand listeners' perceptions with hearing aids in the real world so that problems/factors with them can be identified. To achieve this goal, field assessment tools are required that collect (1) perception data; (2) listening context information, which includes characteristics of listening activities, situations, and environments; and (3) hearing aid configuration. To overcome the many disadvantages of retrospective self-report assessments, a computer-based Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) system was developed. This system immediately and repeatedly records listeners' perceptions and listening context information in natural environments using mobile phones. AudioACE will be developed for this project, which builds on the previous system, and adds capabilities to respond to changes in listening context and intelligently records information that is relevant to the specific context; e.g., silence and noisy conversational environments demand different types of data and responses. AudioACE will integrate hearing aids and mobile phones to capture hearing aid configurations for each listening context. Additionally, AudioACE will incorporate intelligent sampling techniques that trigger the delivery of momentary assessments based on the properties of the listening context, e.g., signal-to-noise ratio level. We will compare the sensitivity and efficiency of AudioACE and the previous system as part of a field study that evaluates the outcomes of directional microphone hearing aids.

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Shabih Hasan, S., Brummet, R., Chipara, O., & Wu, Y.-H. (2017, May). Assessing the performance of hearing aids using surveys and audio data collected in situ.  Presented at Mission-Oriented Wireless Sensor and Cyber-Physical System Networking (MiSeNet.) Available at

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