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CAEP PILOT CASE STUDY: The impact of the success of Gallaudet University Teacher candidates on Pre-K-12 student achievement

ID: 3384
Status: Completed
Start date: August 2017
End Date: December 2018


The case study will obtain data on the impact of student learning from former graduates in the Department of Education at Gallaudet University who are currently teachers in Pre-K -- 12 classrooms, their students, and their employers. Surveys completed by Pre-K --12 students, former graduates who are now teachers, and employers will provide information on (1) the strength of program completers and their acquired knowledge, professionalism, collaboration, and teaching skills; (2) the effectiveness of program completers and how their students’ in the classrooms perform in the learning environment; and (3) strengths and weaknesses of the program completers as evaluated by their employers. In addition, results of the survey will provide information on how the Gallaudet University Department of Education will use the information for program improvement.


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