The software and format for this site was designed and developed by Kevin Cole.

Senda Benaissa acted as the campus researcher liason, primary data entry person, and beta-tester.

Coordination between RSIA and other members of the team working on the Annual Report of Achievements was managed by Charles Reilly.

Leah Magnus served as the editor and contributed additional material.


The project listings are taken from data submitted by researchers across campus, compiled for the Research and Outreach chapter of the Gallaudet University Annual Report of Achievements which is submitted to the federal government in accordance with requirements of the Education of Deaf Act.

This work is based on an earlier stand-alone, off-line version, designed for internal use only, to produce the printed book chapter output. The database, data entry system, and report generator were designed by Dennis Cregan using Microsoft Access, in collaboration with Sue Hotto who collected, entered and edited the data for the print publication using Microsoft Word.

The web pages, search engines, data entry system, and print-ready chapter generation for this interactive version are implemented using Django — a Python-based web application framework. W3C standards compliant HTML5 with CSS2 is used for the formatting. PostgreSQL provides the database management system back end. (All coding is done using the one true editor: emacs.)

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