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Project Gallaudet Research Priorities
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ML2: Development of ASL Word Play Rhymes and Patterned Texts for Young Deaf Children Motion Capture to Better Understand ASL Nursery Rhymes, their Temporal Patterns and Structure                      
TL2: VL2 Storybook Apps Lesson Plans and Activities for Educators: Training and Materials                        
'Deaf Studies Digital Journal'                  
Acceptance of disability, coping strategies, and perception of social support among veterans with acquired physical disability                      
Adaptations of Parent Child Interaction Therapy for Deaf Families                        
Administration of Justice: The lived experiences of deaf Canadians                      
Adult Perceptions of Audiologists                      
Advancing students' science literacy                        
Analysis of Eye Gazes and Attention Management in a Preschool Class                        
Assessing the assessment: Reliability and fairness in the Teacher Work Sample                      
Assessing the Risk of Cochlear Damage in Irish Step Dancers                      
The biological basis of language and reading in monolingual and bilingual children and adults (discoveries of the reading brain, the bilingual brain, and the bilingual reading brain)                  
Bismuth Telluride and Molybdenum Disulfide Nanomaterials                      
Body image, cultural, and media                    
Capstone Honors  
Case Studies of the Cognitive Apprenticeship Approach to Develop Writing Skills of American Sign Language-English Interpreting Students                        
Clinical Utility of Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions and Tinnitus-Like Spectrum Test in Identifying the Site of Lesion f                        
Cochlear implants and the brain: The biological basis for language and cognition in infants, children, and adults with cochlear implants                  
A comparative study on emotional regulation differences between deaf children and adolescents raised with deaf versus hearing parents                      
Comparing Monolinguals with Sequential Late Bilingual Listeners: A Spoken-Language Processing Study                        
Comprehension of text in ASL: Impact of linguistic complexity                        
Computer Simulations to Understand Disease Mechanisms                        
Creation of a DNA repository to identify deafness genes                      
Deaf Difference + Space Survival                    
Deaf Life THAT              
Deaf NYC                    
Deaf Weight Wise 2.0                  
DeafBlind Theater Initiative                        
Developing an Understanding of Quality Communication in Families with Hearing Caregivers and a Deaf Child, perceived by the Child                    
Development, Adaptation, and Norming of ASL Proficiency Test Assessment Tool                      
The diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in college-aged Deaf individuals: Exploring the accuracy of the Barkley Adult ADHD rating scale-IV and the Attention Deficit Scales for Adults, Sign Language Version                      
Does "deafness" cause attention "deficit"?                        
Does an Interpreter’s Gender Affect How Face Threatening Acts are Conveyed?                      
Dyadic Parent-Child Interaction Coding System, 4th edition: Interrater reliability with live coding versus video coding                        
Early Intervention Services for Infants, Toddlers, and Families of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children in a Sample of Puerto Rican                        
Educational Interpreters Incorporating Visual Phonics into Their ASL Interpretations: Perspectives and Practical Application                  
The Effect of Background Noise on Preferred Listening Level and Loudness Perception                        
The Effectiveness of Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation with DeafBlind (TASL) Users                    
Effectiveness of mentoring in science research                    
The effects of early visual language exposure on deaf children's linguistic and non-linguistic visual processing: An Eye-Tracking and fNIRS brain imaging investigation of emergent readers                
EL2: An Efficacy Study of Strategic and Interactive Writing Instruction: Teacher Development and Student Outcomes                      
EL2: Language, Mathematics, Cognition, and Learning: The Extended Educational Longitudinal Study (EELS-II)                    
EL2: Ongoing analysis and follow-up study of the Early Education Longitudinal Study Participants                
EL2: Visual Communication and Sign Language Checklist: Online                        
EL2: VL2 national research volunteer program
EL2: VL2 shared data resource
Emergent Signers at Gallaudet: Deaf Conversionary Processes as Embodied Language Ideologies                    
Emotional Display Rules of the Deaf Culture: An Evaluation of Emotional Expression                      
ML2: Designing the 3D Landscape for Signing Avatars and the Signing Experience                    
Evidence of Lexical Variation in the Philadelphia Deaf Community                
Evolutionary and functional analysis of dubious open reading frames suggest a functional role in yeast genomes                        
Examining genetic microbial diversity to monitor pathogens and toxins and in the Anacostia River, DC                        
Examining the effects of visual language experience on visual attention in young Deaf emergent readers with eye-tracking: A pilot study for innovation in e-literacy and signing creatures avatar design                
Experiences of LGBTQIA-Identified Faculty in Biology Classrooms                        
Exploring the feasibility of utilizing PCIT in families of hearing parents and a deaf child with a weak shared communication                        
Exploring the foundations of iconicity in language: evidence from an fNIRS brain imaging study on the neural basis of ASL classifiers                      
Family Language Policy in American Sign Language and English Bilingual Families                        
First Folio Exhibition                      
Foundations of Learning from Signing Avatars                    
Genetic deafness in alumni of Gallaudet University                        
The Grammatical Incorporation of Pointing in Pro-Tactile American Sign Language at Gallaudet                
Have you talked about it? A phenomenological approach to deaf women’s lived experience of sexual assault disclosure                      
Help-Seeking Behaviors Among Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals                    
HINTS-ASL: Deaf Signers’ Experience with Seeking Health Information                        
Home alerting devices for people who are deaf or hard of hearing                        
Image processing for NASA applications                      
Influence of consistently high levels of ammonium on food web dynamics in the Anacostia River                      
The Interaction Between Personality and Exercise in Predicting Perceived Stress                    
Interactive learning environment for optimizing technology use                    
Interpreting Constructed Dialogue from ASL-to-English Project                      
Interpreting multimodality in multiparty, technical meetings                      
Interpreting Protest: An Examination of American Sign Language-English Interpreters in the Deaf President Now Protest                      
Investigating movement imagery in sign language users.                        
Investigating the microbial abundance and biodiversity of the Anacostia River                      
Investigating the water quality of two freshwater ecosystems: The Anacostia River (DC) and the Brainerd Area Lakes (MN)                      
Investigations of the effect of catalyst loading on cross-metathesis reaction                      
L2 Acquisition of ASL in M1 and M2 Contexts.                        
Language Attitudes about Interpreters                        
Language Discrimination of Unknown Sign Languages                      
Like fish in water? Deaf-parented interpreters and social capital                      
Literacy skills in deaf readers                    
Media Objectification and Implicit Gender Bias                        
Metalinguistic References in Interpreting: Deaf-Hearing Relay Interpreting Teams                    
ML2: Object Oriented Hand Classifier Recognition with LEAP and Unity                    
ML2: US-Russian Literacy for Deaf Children                    
ML2: VL2 Storybook Apps and Storybook Creator          
ML2: Motor system contributions to cross-linguistic translation when deaf signers read English                    
Nanowire array production and characterization                      
Neuroplasticity of Spatial Working Memory in Signed Language Processing                  
NextGen Genome Solver                      
NIH Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research                        
TL2: Benefits and Risks Assessment                        
Overcoming barriers to STEM success for deaf undergraduates                        
Overcoming barriers to STEM success for Deaf undergraduates.                        
TL2: Efficacy Study: Measuring the efficacy of the Storybook Apps in Facilitating Vocabulary Development                        
Parents' Perspectives of Their Deaf Child's School Experience in Malaysia                    
Partnership in reduced dimensional materials (PRDM): Preparation of molybdenum disulfide nanomaterials                          
Partnerships for material research (PREM)                  
Peer support and food security in deaf college students                        
Population genetics of connexin 26 deafness                      
Potential societal impact of advances in genetic deafness                      
Priority Research Fund                        
Project D2: Context-sensitive assessment of real-world listening situations via integrated smartphones and hearing aids                      
Project D3: Interactive learning environment for optimizing technology use                      
Project R1: Enhanced aural rehabilitation for cochlear implant users via telerehab technology                      
Project R2: User-driven customization of cochlear implant programming                      
Project R3: Validation of hearing aid fitting for infants and toddlers                      
PROMIS-ASL: Inclusion of Deaf Adults in Patient-Reported Outcomes Research                        
Psychological Well-Being, Acceptance of Disability, and Perceived Social Support in U.S. Military Veterans with Hearing Loss                    
The RAVE Revolution for Children with Minimal Language Experience During Sensitive Periods of Brain and Language Development                  
Reggio Emilia Approach in Deaf Education                      
Research methods in psycholinguistic investigations of signed language processing                        
Resilience in Children Who are Deaf with Additional Disabilities: The Role of the Parent-Child Relationship in Child Social Skills                      
REU AMI Site                        
Seeing the Temporal Beats of Human Language          
Sign Language Annotation, Archiving and Sharing (SLAASh)          
SignALL - Automated Translation Project: Data collection Phase I                      
Signs of aggression: Translating the peer conflict scales into American Sign Language                  
Small Research Grants                      
Social Support Service Preferences of Parents and Caregivers of Children who are D/deaf or hard of hearing                      
Sorting America's Defectives and the Exclusion of Deaf People from State Sterilization Laws                        
Spatial Navigation Abilities in Deaf Older Adults: With and Without Vestibular Impairment                        
Spatial Navigation Abilities in Deaf Population                      
Standards work and technical assistance                      
Storied Realities: An Examination of Critical Incident Narratives of Deaf Translation                        
Supporting Deaf Latinos: Teachers’ Narratives                        
A survey of the reading habits of certified American Sign Language-English interpreters: Implications for quality professional practice                    
A Survey Study of Deaf Adults' Media Use and Body Image                        
Synthesis and Characterization of Boc Protected N-n-Pentyl-3-Pyridyl Pyrrolidine Ether                        
Synthesis of 3-((1-methylpyrrolidin-2-yl)methoxy)-1-Pentylpyridin-1-ium Bromide                        
Synthesis of N-n-alkylpyridiniumether as a Tobacco cessation agent                      
Targeting America's Defectives: the Exclusion of Deaf People from State Sterilization Programs                        
Telemental Health Services as a Targeted Intervention for Individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing                        
The Therapeutic Power of Play: Play Therapy Training Experiences of Mental Health Professionals with Deaf Clients                        
TL2: Ethical practices website                        
TL2: Family Information Package                  
TL2: Signwise for Kids                  
TL2: Usability Study: The Deaf Children’s User Experiences with Storybook Apps                    
Transfer of Learning from Postsecondary Education to Employment Outcomes amongst Persons who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind                        
Transitioning from high school to college: Student perceptions of preparation                    
US Navy/NASA Experiments on Deaf Men:                    
Use of Address Terms in American Sign Language: An Examination of Deaf Students and Faculty in Higher Education                      
Using L2/Ln Sign Language to Teach Sign Language Interpreters                        
Various Earphone Models for iPhones: Do They Make a Difference When Used With a Hearing App?                        
Virtual Visual Environment Stability With Oculus Rift: A pilot study                        
We Are Equal Exhibition                
Why are you here?: Certified Deaf Interpreters' psychological well-being and coping mechanisms                    

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