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Gallaudet Small Research Grants Awarded for FY2012

The Gallaudet Small Grants Fund encourages research projects undertaken by faculty, staff, and students, covering a wide range of research topics and methodologies.

[F: Faculty; S: Student]

Study Title
Eggers, Cris, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
"A" on the palm of your hand": How do you say that in English?
Sanchez, Robert, (F)
History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology
The apocryphal virgin: Saint Efigenia in Peru and Brazil
Katz, J. Evelyn, (S)
World Languages and Cultures
Argentina Sign Language origins
Balkcom, Sarah, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Attitudes about, and experience with, interpreters: A young adults' perspective
Zaleski, Ashley, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Bimodal use of interaural timing as a cue for localization
Daggett, Dorri, (S)
Clients' perspectives on the therapeutic alliance when an interpreter is involved in therapy
Fong, Ilia, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
A comparison of Wave IV morphology in children with WPD
Jacob, Sherly, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Consumer experiences: An international Deaf population's experiences
Erickson, Brittany, (S)
Coping development through an ecological system framework
Jamis, Carmen, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
A correlation study: Monosyllable, Trochee, and Spondee word recognition and performance on a rhyme judgment paradigm in Deaf college-age students
Barbera, Monica, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Cultural equivalency in interpretation from ASL to English
Yuknis, Christina, (F)
Curriculum-based measurements in written expression: Reliability and validity for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing
Sforza, Stephine, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Deaf interpreters and teaming strategies
Elliott, Rebecca, (S)
Disclosure of sexual assault among Deaf female survivors
Hochberg, Lisa, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Does the interpreter really need to be here?: An analysis of an interpreted medical event using Video Remote Interpreting and On Site Interpreting
La Fratta, Zachary, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Evaluating the MLR in correlation to ear advantage as defined by dichotic listening tests
Dorminy, Jerri Lyn, (F)
Office of Academic Quality
The experiences of non-signing Deaf and hard of hearing students and their academic and social integration into a predominantly signing Deaf university environment
Behmanesh, Abbas, (S)
History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology
Exploring Deaf nuns: An interview with Dorothy Steffanic
Betman, Beth G., (F)
Social Work
Exploring the phenomenological experience of child sexual abuse in Deaf women through the creation of a sandtray world
Wagoner, Jeremy, (S) Clark, Diane, (F) Daggett, Dorri, (S) Feldman, Jessica, (S)
Science of Learning Center on Visual Language & Visual Learning (VL2) EducationPsychologyScience of Learning Center on Visual Language & Visual Learning (VL2)
Exploring the presence of a Deaf American cultural life script
Mulrooney, Kristin, (F)
Frequency and description of facial expression in ASL narratives
Kokx, Melissa, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Frequency-lowering algorithms: Objective and subjective benefits for patients identified with cochlear dead regions
Lundberg, Daniel J., (F) Cha, John, (S) O'Donnell, Sheena, (S)
Science, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and Mathematics
From plants to drugs
Davies, Danika, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Gender differences in English to ASL interpretation and their effect on source credibility
Earth, Barbara, (F) Bahan, Ben, (F)
ASL and Deaf Studies ASL and Deaf Studies
History and documentation of native Hawaiian Sign Language
Thamsiriboon, Noppawan, (S)
ASL and Deaf Studies
Implementing Article 25 in Thai special education of Deaf children
Clark, Diane, (F) Musyoka, Millicent, (F) Kargin, Tevhide, (F) Miller, Paul, (F) Rathmann, Christian, (F)
Education Education
International reading project
Kuehnl, Julie, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Interpreting disfluencies from English into ASL: An examination of interpreters attitudes and motivations
Kidd, Whitney, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Is counseling coursework in audiology graduate training programs effective in preparing new pediatric audiologists to counsel families following the identification of pediatric hearing loss?: A study of self-efficacy
Fennell, Julie, (F)
History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology
Kinky: Normalizing deviance desires
Barry, Emily, (S) Lawler, Keriann, (S)
Linguistics Linguistics
Language variation project
Harrigan, Kelly, (S)
ASL and Deaf Studies
Literacy expression in Alaskan Eskimo and Deaf cultures: A perspective on culture
Shader, Maureen, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Normative range of sway during the four mCTSIB conditions using a gyroscope
Plotkin, Rachael, (S) Brice, Patrick, (F)
Parenting stress in raising Deaf children and the role of parental personality in coping
Gilbert, Gizelle, (S)
Perceptions of diversity at Gallaudet University: Global versus local
Sirvage, Robert T., (F)
ASL and Deaf Studies
Peripatetic convergence research project
Joharchi, Hannah, (S)
Pilot study: Immigrant families with Deaf children and their access to resources
Clark, Diane, (F) Agyen, Selina, (S) Pezzarossi Kobek, Caroline, (F)
EducationScience of Learning Center on Visual Language & Visual Learning (VL2)Psychology
Possible on a date?
Szymanski, Christen, (F) Brice, Patrick, (F)
Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center Psychology
Prevalence of school-administration reported diagnosis of Deaf children with autism spectrum disorders in the US, 2007-2008
Flynn Brinks, Lisa, (S)
Administration and Supervision
Principal leadership in schools for secondary level Deaf students: Perceived effects on school performance influencing student success
Cull, Amber, (S)
Production of movement in users of American Sign Language and its influence on being identified as "non-native"
Lytle, Linda, (F)
Qualitative and quantitative data collection from young adults about their experiences being educated as solitaires* during a majority of their K-12 years
Greening, Katherine, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Relationship between audiometric hearing levels and personal music player listening levels
Finley, Tiesha, (S)
The relationship between Black racial identity, internalized racism, and depression in African-American college students with hearing loss
Plotkin, Rachael, (S)
The relationship between parental personality, parenting stress, and adjustment in Deaf children
Karch, Stephanie, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
The relationship between the middle latency response binaural interaction component (MLR-BIC) and tests of biannual integration in young adults
Yates, Michael, (S)
The reliability and validity of the general assessment questionnaire-revised: An operational measure of personality factors
Hochgesang, Julie, (F)
Representation of hand configuration data in different notation systems for child acquisition of ASL
Clarke, Kristen, (S)
Retrospective study of Black Deaf doctorates' graduate school experiences
Pacchiana, Jennifer, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Screening for auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder in a population with severe-profound hearing loss
Mitchiner, Julie, (F)
Screening for Deaf parents of Deaf children with cochlear implants: Perspectives on bilingualism in ASL/English
Chen Pichler, Deborah, (F)
Signing with an accent: ASL L2 phonology
Sabila, Paul S., (F)
Science, Technology, and Mathematics
Synthesis of small and medium sized molecules
Sabila, Paul S., (F) Fang, Yang, (S) McLaughlin, Robert, (S) Rupnik, Gaber, (S) Stallings, Chelsie, (S)
Science, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and Mathematics
Synthesis of strained heterocycles
Machmer Jackson, Elizabeth, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Telecommunications-Related audiologic (re)habilitation
Erickson, Brittany, (S) Crisologo, Anna, (S) English, Kimberly, (S) Ostrom, Carly, (S) Pietz, Tyler, (S) Plotkin, Rachael, (S) Brice, Patrick, (F)
Psychology PsychologyPsychologyPsychologyPsychologyPsychologyPsychology
Texting while driving: An investigation of divided attention resources among Deaf drivers
Ganz, Miriam, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Theatrical interpreting: Language at play
Romero, Nicola, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
The use of noise-canceling headphone for audiometric assessment in noise
Nead, Daniel, (S)
The use of the Trauma Symptom Inventory and Brief Symptom Inventory with Deaf and hard of hearing Israelis

[F: Faculty; S: Student]

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