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Gallaudet Small Research Grants Awarded for FY2013

The Gallaudet Small Grants Fund encourages research projects undertaken by faculty, staff, and students, covering a wide range of research topics and methodologies.

[F: Faculty; S: Student]

Study Title
Klaber, Maaret, (S)
ASL and Deaf Studies
"Switched at Birth": The Attraction (and accuracy) of Deaf cultural issues
Healy, Christina, (S)
Affective constructions in American Sign Language
Israel, Jessica, (S)
Science, Technology, and Mathematics
Analysis of airborne bacteria and fungi levels on Gallaudet University campus
Romero, Elizabeth, (S) Pick, Lawrence H., (F)
An analysis of Miranda warnings knowledge in Deaf community
Bradbury, Jill, (F)
Anglo-Irish economic discourses, 1660-1750
Zaleski, Ashley, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Bimodal use of interaural timing as a cue for localization
Suggs, Caroline, (S)
Comparing Deaf life scripts
Pietz, Tyler, (S)
Comparison of face-to-face and videoconferencing communication modalities for delivering anxiety and stress psychoeducation to Deaf inividuals
Behmanesh, Abbas, (S) Bauman, Dirksen, (F)
History, Philosophy, Religion, and SociologyASL and Deaf Studies
The construction of Deaf people's lives by prominent Persian/Iranian authors and poets from 1000 to 1935
Chandani, Alim, (S)
Administration and Supervision
Contrasting the leadership styles and attitudes of administrators and resultant organizational cultures of programs serving Deaf students in India as perceived by the program providers and program recipients
Erickson, Brittany, (S)
Coping development through an ecological system framework
Jamis, Carmen, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
A correlation study: Monosyllable, Trochee, and Spondee word recognition and performance on a rhyme judgment paradigm in Deaf college-age students
Yuknis, Christina, (F)
Curriculum-based measurements in written expression: Reliability and validity for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing
Kawakami, Megumi, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Deaf interpreting space
Schein, Samantha, (S)
Deaf women senior citizens: Perspectives on interpretation in the healthcare setting
Adams, Krista, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Deliberate practice in American Sign Language/English interpreting
Day, Lori, (F) Brice, Patrick, (F)
Psychology Psychology
Development and initial validation of a questionnaire to measure hearing parents' perceptions of health care professionals' advice
Elliott, Rebecca, (S)
Disclosure of sexual assault among Deaf female survivors
Bennett, Ariel, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
The Effects of Hearing Aid Signal Processing on the Sensitivity of Interaural Cues
Elliott, Rebecca, (S)
Effects of sexual assault disclosure among Deaf female survivors
Hoffman, Holly, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
The Effects of Signal-to-Noise Ratio on Word Recognition Scores Using a Personal FM and Classroom Audio Distribution System in a Typical Classroom
Shahan, Cheryl, (S)
An elementary Deaf teacher's interactions with Deaf girls and boys
Daggett, Dorri, (S)
The elephant in the room: Exploring Deaf clients' perspectives of therapeutic alliance when an interpreter is involved in therapy
Smith, Caitlin, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Emergent Signers: Consumer Perspectives on Interpreting
Dorminy, Jerri Lyn, (F)
Office of Academic Quality
The experiences of non-signing Deaf and hard of hearing students and their academic and social integration into a predominantly signing Deaf university environment
Behmanesh, Abbas, (S)
History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology
Exploring Deaf nuns: An interview with Dorothy Steffanic
Betman, Beth G., (F)
Social Work
Exploring the phenomenological experience of child sexual abuse in Deaf women through the creation of a sandtray world
Mulrooney, Kristin, (F)
Frequency and description of facial expression in ASL narratives
Kokx, Melissa, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Frequency-lowering algorithms: Objective and subjective benefits for patients identified with cochlear dead regions
Lundberg, Daniel J., (F) Cha, John, (S) O'Donnell, Sheena, (S)
Science, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and Mathematics
From plants to drugs
Earth, Barbara, (F) Bahan, Ben, (F)
ASL and Deaf Studies ASL and Deaf Studies
History and documentation of native Hawaiian Sign Language
Joharchi, Hannah, (S) Clark, Diane, (F)
Human sexuality and middle adulthood: Deaf women's satisfaction with intimate relationships
Yocom, Jessica, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Identifying depiction in literal ASL interpretations
Majewski, Monica, (S) Brungart, Douglas, (F) Sheffield, Benjamin, (F)
The impact of simulated hearing loss on conversational task completion
Thamsiriboon, Noppawan, (S)
ASL and Deaf Studies
Implementing Article 25 in Thai special education of Deaf children
Maddux, Laura, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Interactive interpreting: Teaching and learning strategies
Marks, Annie, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Investigating ASL/English interpreted interaction in video relay settings
Fennell, Julie, (F)
History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology
Kinky: Normalizing deviance desires
Bailes, Cynthia Neese, (F) Batamula, Christi, (F) Cue, Katrina, (S) Hile, Amy E., (F) Kite, Bobby Jo, (F) Marchut, Amber, (S) Mitchiner, Julie, (F) Santini, Joseph, (S) Thumann-Prezioso, Carlene, (F) Wang, Wei, (F) Wright, Steve, (S)
EducationEducationEducationEducationEducationEducationEducationEducationResearch SupportScience of Learning Center on Visual Language & Visual Learning (VL2)Education
Language acquisition, literacy learning, and literate thinking in young d/Deaf children
Lang, Cassie, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Language use at RID conferences: A national survey of behaviors and perceptions
Shariff, Risa, (S)
Leaders who are DeafBlind: A phenomenological study of educational experiences
Clark, Diane, (F) Daggett, Dorri, (S) Suggs, Caroline, (S) Wojahn, Emily, (S) Harmon, Kristen, (F) Williams, Shelley, (F)
Education PsychologyPsychologyEducationEnglish
Life scripts of oral Deaf individuals
Harrigan, Kelly, (S)
ASL and Deaf Studies
Literacy expression in Alaskan Eskimo and Deaf cultures: A perspective on culture
Williams, Kimberly, (S) Bakke, Matthew, (F) Kwon, Bomjun, (F)
Hearing, Speech, and Language SciencesHearing, Speech, and Language SciencesHearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Objective measurement of comfort levels of cochlear implant users: Multi-electrode eSRT
Kramer, Hilary, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Occupational noise exposure in carnival ride employees at an independent state fair
Plotkin, Rachael, (S) Brice, Patrick, (F)
Parenting stress in raising Deaf children and the role of parental personality in coping
Frey, Cynthia, (S) Tamaki, Chizuko, (F)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Pediatric normative data on postural sway: CDP versus mCTSIB
Mathur, Gaurav, (F)
Phonological matching in ASL
Joharchi, Hannah, (S)
Pilot study: Immigrant families with Deaf children and their access to resources
Flynn Brinks, Lisa, (S)
Administration and Supervision
Principal leadership in schools for secondary level Deaf students: Perceived effects on school performance influencing student success
Cull, Amber, (S)
Production of movement in users of American Sign Language and its influence on being identified as "non-native"
Alley, Erica, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Professional autonomy in video relay service interpreting: Perceptions of American Sign Language-English interpreters
Lytle, Linda, (F)
Qualitative and quantitative data collection from young adults about their experiences being educated as solitaires* during a majority of their K-12 years
Plotkin, Rachael, (S)
The relationship between parental personality, parenting stress, and adjustment in Deaf children
Karch, Stephanie, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
The relationship between the middle latency response binaural interaction component (MLR-BIC) and tests of biannual integration in young adults
Hochgesang, Julie, (F)
Representation of hand configuration data in different notation systems for child acquisition of ASL
Clarke, Kristen, (S)
Retrospective study of Black Deaf doctorates' graduate school experiences
Spurgeon, Erin, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Short-term and working memory of sign language interpreters
Chen Pichler, Deborah, (F)
Signing with an accent: ASL L2 phonology
Gerner de García, Barbara, (F)
The social and academic inclusion of Deaf immigrant students in Catalonia
Bower, Katie, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Stress and burnout in video relay interpreting: An examination of ASL-English interpreters
Sabila, Paul S., (F)
Science, Technology, and Mathematics
Synthesis of small and medium sized molecules
Sabila, Paul S., (F) Fang, Yang, (S) McLaughlin, Robert, (S) Rupnik, Gaber, (S) Stallings, Chelsie, (S)
Science, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and MathematicsScience, Technology, and Mathematics
Synthesis of strained heterocycles
Clark, Diane, (F)
A systematic developmental skill-oriented investigation of poor and proficient Deaf readers across both shallow and deep orthographies
Romero, Nicola, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
The use of noise-canceling headphone for audiometric assessment in noise
Nead, Daniel, (S)
The use of the Trauma Symptom Inventory and Brief Symptom Inventory with Deaf and hard of hearing Israelis
Day, Lori, (F) Reesman, Jennifer, (F) Dziura, Joanna, (S)
Psychology NeuropsychologyPsychology
A validation study of the signed paired associates test for children
Clark, Diane, (F) Feldman, Jessica, (S)
Education Science of Learning Center on Visual Language & Visual Learning (VL2)
The VL2 — Spoken Language Phonological Awareness (VL2-SLPA) Measure

[F: Faculty; S: Student]

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