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Gallaudet Small Research Grants Awarded for FY2015

The Gallaudet Small Grants Fund encourages research projects undertaken by faculty, staff, and students, covering a wide range of research topics and methodologies.

[F: Faculty; S: Student]

Study Title
Dziura, Joanna, (S) Brice, Patrick, (F)
Psychology Psychology
Acceptance of disability, coping strategies, and perception of social support among veterans with acquired physical disability
Healy, Christina, (S)
Affective constructions in American Sign Language
Wharton, Brenda, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
African-American Deaf community
Romero, Elizabeth, (S) Pick, Lawrence H., (F)
An analysis of Miranda warnings knowledge in Deaf community
Santiago, Roberto, (F)
Interpretation and Translation
Artifacts of Cognition in ASL-to-English Interpretation
Matesi, Chelsea, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Assessing audiologists' exposure knowledge, and attitudes with deaf individuals
Plancon, Ezra, (S)
ASL and Deaf Studies
Beyond the ABCs: Multimodal texting by deaf youth
Abbott, Zachary, (S)
Cochlear implants and related neurotechnologies: Addressing Japanese perspectives in deaf neuroethics
Pietz, Tyler, (S)
Comparison of face-to-face and videoconferencing communication modalities for delivering anxiety and stress psychoeducation to Deaf inividuals
Ford, Folami M., (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Creating a space of our own: A phenomenological study of the lived reality of African American ASL-English Interpreters
Gala, Nicolas, (S)
Display Rules of the Deaf culture: An evaluation of emotional expression
Holmes, Keli, (S)
Emotion recognition: Encoding of facial expression
Batamula, Christi, (F)
Family engagement among immigrant families with young deaf children
Maddux, Laura, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Interactive interpreting: teaching and learning strategies 3
Bailes, Cynthia Neese, (F) Batamula, Christi, (F) Cue, Katrina, (S) Hile, Amy E., (F) Kite, Bobby Jo, (F) Marchut, Amber, (S) Mitchiner, Julie, (F) Santini, Joseph, (S) Thumann-Prezioso, Carlene, (F) Wang, Wei, (F) Wright, Steve, (S)
EducationEducationEducationEducationEducationEducationEducationEducationResearch SupportScience of Learning Center on Visual Language & Visual Learning (VL2)Education
Language acquisition, literacy learning, and literate thinking in young d/Deaf children
Shariff, Risa, (S)
Leaders who are DeafBlind: A phenomenological study of educational experiences
Nicodemus, Brenda, (F)
Interpretation and Translation
Metalinguistic references in signed language interpreting: Discourse strategies used by ASL-English interpreters
Previ, Danielle, (S) Day, Lori, (F)
Parent-child interaction therapy among deaf persons
Frey, Cynthia, (S) Tamaki, Chizuko, (F)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Pediatric normative data on postural sway: CDP versus mCTSIB
Wolsey, Ju-Lee, (S)
Perspectives and experiences in the lives of deaf-blind college students
Nelson, Tamar, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Preparation by American Sign Language-English interpreters: Methods, effectiveness, and perceptions
Alley, Erica, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Professional autonomy in video relay service interpreting: Perceptions of American Sign Language-English interpreters
Morgan, Claire, (S)
The speed and accuracy of Washington, DC emergency vehicle siren localization in drivers with hearing loss
Cochran, Casey, (S)
The status of orientation in phonological representation
Day, Lori, (F) Reesman, Jennifer, (F) Dziura, Joanna, (S)
Psychology NeuropsychologyPsychology
A validation study of the signed paired associates test for children

[F: Faculty; S: Student]

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