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at Gallaudet University

Gallaudet Small Research Grants Awarded for FY2016

The Gallaudet Small Grants Fund encourages research projects undertaken by faculty, staff, and students, covering a wide range of research topics and methodologies.

[F: Faculty; S: Student]

Study Title
Dziura, Joanna, (S) Brice, Patrick, (F)
Psychology Psychology
Acceptance of disability, coping strategies, and perception of social support among veterans with acquired physical disability
Fauble, Brittany, (S) Bakke, Matthew, (F)
Hearing, Speech, and Language SciencesHearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Assessing the Risk of Cochlear Damage in Irish Step Dancers
Konkel, Darla, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Comparative analysis of the signed output of a Deaf Interpreter working from English text and from an ASL interpretation
Rose, Bethany, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Comparing objective and subjective outcomes of two frequency-lowering algorithms
Knodel, Rebekah, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Coping Mechanisms for Mental Health Interpreters
Strauss, Gillie, (S) Day, Lori, (F)
Psychology Psychology
Developing an Understanding of Quality Communication in Families with Hearing Caregivers and a Deaf Child, perceived by the Child
Lutvak, Sarah Sura, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Do ASL/English Interpreters Demonstrate a Greater Command of English Synonyms than Monolingual Speakers of English?
Davies, Shannon, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Educational Interpreters and Deaf Students from Non-English Speaking
Cranston, Jennifer, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Educational Interpreters Incorporating Visual Phonics into Their ASL Interpretations: Perspectives and Practical Application
Morgan, Mary Beth, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Educational interpreting: working with Deaf children who have autism spectrum disorders/ additional special needs
Whitaker, Robert, (F)
Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center
The effect of elaboration: non elaboration of sign list recall tasks on rate of learning in Deaf individuals
Gilbert, Leslie, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
The Effects of Background Noise on Preferred Listening Levels and Loudness Perception of Music
Gala, Nicolas, (S)
Emotional Display Rules of the Deaf Culture: An Evaluation of Emotional Expression
Feltner, Cassandra Beth, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Hearing Aid Validation in Deaf University Students Using Self-Assessment Measures
Kraminitz, Alix, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Interpreting for Deaf academics: Perceptions of credibility by non-signers
Smith, Sean, (S)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
An Investigation of Virtual Environment Stability
Breckenridge, Devlin, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Literal interpretation stratagies of English-ASL interpreters
Pittman, Jay, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Male Privilege in the Field of ASL/English Interpreting
Schooler, Deborah, (F)
Media objectification in the context of online news: Effects on implicit gender bias
Dively, Valerie, (F) Nicodemus, Brenda, (F) Halley, Mark, (S) Petitta, Giulia, (F)
Interpretation and Translation Interpretation and TranslationInterpretation and TranslationInterpretation and Translation
Metalinguistic References in Interpreting: Deaf-Hearing Relay Interpreting Teams
Blau, Shane, (S)
Perceptual narrowing in sign exposed and non­sign exposed infants
Mitchiner, Julie, (F) Batamula, Christi, (F)
Education Education
Reggio Emilia Approach in Deaf Education
Candelaria, Jesús, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Tasks of a Trilingual Interpreter
Yuknis, Christina, (F)
Transitioning from High School to College: Student Perceptions of Preparation
Davis, Bryan, (S)
Interpretation and Translation
Unpacking Stakeholder Perspectives on Interpreter’s Presence on Social Media
Greenwald, Brian H., (F)
History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology
Unpacking Sterilization Laws: The Deaf
Ruggiero, Katie, (S) Bakke, Matthew, (F) Medwetsky, Larry, (F)
Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences Hearing, Speech, and Language SciencesHearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Various Earphone Models for iPhones: Do They Make a Difference When Used With a Hearing App?
Guardino, Donna, (S)
Why are you here?: Certified Deaf Interpreters' psychological well-being and coping mechanisms

[F: Faculty; S: Student]

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