Krystallo and I in Chalkoutsi, Greece
My wife Krystallo and I in Chalkoutsi, Greece, during the Orthodox Easter holidays

Hello there! Originally, I come from Hamburg, which is about the most beautiful city in Germany. I still think that Hamburg is the most livable big city in the entire world, but maybe I am not entirely objective here. Krystallo probably has her own ideas of what is the most beautiful, livable place in the world, and looking at the picture above, I am tempted to agree.

While I lived in Hamburg, I majored in computer science and minored in sign language linguistics at the University of Hamburg. I then went on to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where I obtained my Ph.D. in computer science. Currently I am clocking some time at the Gallaudet Research Institute at Gallaudet University, located in the middle of the malarial swamp, which is also commonly known as Washington, DC.

O.k., it is a long story. Anyway, I am continuing my research into sign language recognition, face tracking, and facial expression recognition. I have worked with Dimitris Metaxas, and am now working closely with Siome Goldenstein on improved face tracking methods, with the ultimate goal of recognizing sign language-related facial expressions and grammatical markers. For more information, see my dedicated research page.

When I am not spending time with my wife or working out some chess positions, I also enjoy reading almost anything that I can get hold of. In the past I used to be sad to say that, because of the crazy life that a graduate student is forced to live, I did not have the time I used to have for reading. Nowadays I say that because of the crazy life that a postdoctoral researcher leads, there is still not a lot of time to read, but one does what he can.