Christian Vogler: Software Collection

xine - Lua emacs mode - TkLua - LuaJava - Webglimpse

A small list of free (some free speech, some free beer) software that I have dabbled in.

Closed caption decoder for xine

A fully functional closed-caption decoder for DVD playback with xine. Now merged into the main xine project.

Emacs mode for Lua

An editing mode for the scripting language Lua that works with recent versions of both GNU Emacs and XEmacs.
Download here or an enhanced version from the Lua Wiki.

TkLua for Lua 4.0

Tcl/Tk bindings for Lua 4.0. This is a port of TkLua for Lua 3.2.
Download page.

LuaJava for Lua 4.0

Java integration with Lua 4.0. This is a port of LuaJava for Lua 3.2.
Download page.

Fast HTML filter for Webglimpse

A fast lex-based filter for HTML containing ISO-8859-1 umlaut characters that is to be used in conjunction with the Webglimpse search engine. Now included in the Webglimpse project.