Research & Scholarly Achievement
at Gallaudet University


ID: 2738
Status: Completed
End Date: September 2014


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Principal investigators



Hisagi, M., Garrido-Nag, K., Datta, H., & Shafer, V. (2015). ERP indices of speech processing in bilinguals, bilingualism. Language and Cognition, 18(2).

Garrido-Nag, K. (2015, July). The effects of attention on speech perception in infants. Presented at the Frontiers in Hearing: Beyond Newborn Hearing Screening Symposium, Denver, CO.

Garrido-Nag, K., Strasser, A., Koo, D., & Pick, L. (2014, November). Phonological access in deaf undergraduate native american sign language users. Presented at the meeting of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, San Diego, CA.

Guardino, D., Koo, D., Garrido-Nag, K., & Koo, L. (2015, February). Verbal fluency performance among deaf readers. Presented at the meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society, Denver, CO.

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