Research & Scholarly Achievement
at Gallaudet University

Jill Bradbury

Scholarship and creative activity


Bradbury, J. (2017). Language, Prose Genre, and the Ascendance of Economic Reasoning in Eighteenth-Century Britain. In: J. Jakob Bek-Thomsen and C. Christian Olaf Christiansen, ed., Economic Rationalities: Economic Reasoning as Knowledge and Practice Authority. Springer Studies in Economic Ethics and Philosophy.


Bradbury, J. M. (2018, March). Shakespeare and Gesture. Presented at the annual meeting of the Shakespeare Association of American, Los Angeles, CA.

Bradbury, J. M. (2017 October). Disabled Bodies and Contemporary Shakespearean Performance. Presented at Blackfriars Biennial Conference, Staunton, VA.

Bradbury, J. M. (2018 March). Irish Economic Writings in North American Contexts. Presented at the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Orlando, FL

Bradbury, J. M. (2017 November). The Body in ASL Shakespeare. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Theatre Research, Atlanta, GA.

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