Research & Scholarly Achievement
at Gallaudet University

Patrick Boudreault

Scholarship and creative activity


Boudreault, P. & Supalla, T., (2017, August) Sign Language Tool Kit. Deaf Academics Conference. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Boudreault, P. (2017, August) Deaf Studies Digital Journal: The Next Generation . Deaf Academics Conference 2017. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Boudreault, P. (2017, May). Technology and sign language: Deconstructing and disembodiment of academic texts. Presented at the Society for Textual Embodiment Scholarship Conference, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.


Boudreault, P. & Gertz, G. (2018) Case studies of international conferences: A social justice framework for interpreting. In T.H. Holcomb & D. Smith (Eds.), Deaf eyes on interpreting (pp. 145-161). Washington, D.C.: Gallaudet University Press.

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