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Project Gallaudet Research Priorities
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'Deaf Studies Digital Journal'
Small Research Grants      
Priority Research Fund        
Partnerships for material research (PREM)      
TL2: Ethical practices website        
TL2: Family Information Package      
EL2: VL2 national research volunteer program      
EL2: VL2 shared data resource      
Partnership in reduced dimensional materials (PRDM): Preparation of molybdenum disulfide nanomaterials          
Cochlear implants and the brain: The biological basis for language and cognition in infants, children, and adults with cochlear implants  
Bilingual ASL/English storybook apps for children  
Advancing students' science literacy        
Interactive learning environment for optimizing technology use    
Sign Language Annotation, Archiving and Sharing (SLAASh)
Project D2: Context-sensitive assessment of real-world listening situations via integrated smartphones and hearing aids      
Project D3: Interactive learning environment for optimizing technology use      
Project R1: Enhanced aural rehabilitation for cochlear implant users via telerehab technology      
Project R2: User-driven customization of cochlear implant programming      
Project R3: Validation of hearing aid fitting for infants and toddlers      
The effects of early visual language exposure on deaf children's linguistic and non-linguistic visual processing: An Eye-Tracking and fNIRS brain imaging investigation of emergent readers
Philadelphia signs    
The RAVE Revolution for Children with Minimal Language Experience During Sensitive Periods of Brain and Language Development
Deaf NYC      
Project D1: Development of a model for a consumer-centric, technology-focused train-the-trainer program        
Experiences of LGBTQIA-Identified Faculty in Biology Classrooms        
Media Objectification and Implicit Gender Bias        
PROMIS-ASL: Inclusion of Deaf Adults in Patient-Reported Outcomes Research        
Assessing the assessment: Reliability and fairness in the Teacher Work Sample        
Targeting America's Defectives: the Exclusion of Deaf People from State Sterilization Programs        
HINTS-ASL: Deaf Signers’ Experience with Seeking Health Information        
Standards work and technical assistance      
EL2: Ongoing analysis and follow-up study of the Early Education Longitudinal Study Participants    
Foundations of Learning from Signing Avatars    
Examining the acoustic prosodic features of ASL to English interpreting        
Translation and Interpretation Studies Special Edited Issue        
Case Studies of the Cognitive Apprenticeship Approach to Develop Writing Skills of American Sign Language-English Interpreting Students        
Use of Address Terms in American Sign Language: An Examination of Deaf Students and Faculty in Higher Education        
Language Attitudes about Interpreters        
CAEP PILOT CASE STUDY: The impact of the success of Gallaudet University Teacher candidates on Pre-K-12 student achievement        
Dyadic Parent-Child Interaction Coding System, 4th edition: Interrater reliability with live coding versus video coding        
The Therapeutic Power of Play: Play Therapy Training Experiences of Mental Health Professionals with Deaf Clients        
Computer Simulations to Understand Disease Mechanisms        
Spatial Navigation Abilities in Deaf Population      
Development, Adaptation, and Norming of ASL Proficiency Test Assessment Tool      
Comprehension of text in ASL: Impact of linguistic complexity        
EL2: Language, Mathematics, Cognition, and Learning: The Extended Educational Longitudinal Study (EELS-II)      
Spatial Navigation Abilities in Deaf Older Adults: With and Without Vestibular Impairment      
L2 Acquisition of ASL in M1 and M2 Contexts.        
Analysis of Eye Gazes and Attention Management in a Preschool Class        
Using L2/Ln Sign Language to Teach Sign Language Interpreters        
Bismuth Telluride and Molybdenum Disulfide Nanomaterials      
Telemental Health Services as a Targeted Intervention for Individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing        
EL2: Visual Communication and Sign Language Checklist: Online        
EL2: An Efficacy Study of Strategic and Interactive Writing Instruction: Teacher Development and Student Outcomes        
ML2: VL2 Storybook Apps and Storybook Creator
ML2: US-Russian Literacy for Deaf Children    
ML2: Object Oriented Hand Classifier Recognition with LEAP and Unity    
ML2: Designing the 3D Landscape for Signing Avatars and the Signing Experience    
ML2: Development of ASL Word Play Rhymes and Patterned Texts for Young Deaf Children Motion Capture to Better Understand ASL Nursery Rhymes, their Temporal Patterns and Structure      
TL2: Benefits and Risks Assessment        
TL2: Signwise for Kids      
TL2: Usability Study: The Deaf Children’s User Experiences with Storybook Apps        
TL2: Efficacy Study: Measuring the efficacy of the Storybook Apps in Facilitating Vocabulary Development        
TL2: VL2 Storybook Apps Lesson Plans and Activities for Educators: Training and Materials        
Address practices of deaf undergraduate students and deaf faculty: A study of language use, identity, and community      
Does Extralinguistic Knowledge Really Matter?: An examination of the impact of interpreters' personal and professional experienc        
Deaf Employees’ Perspectives on Effective Interpreting in the Workplace        
Signing Avatars & Immersive Learning (SAIL): Development and Testing of a Novel Embodied Learning Environment  
Deaf Health Literacy: Usability and Navigability of Health and Wellness Apps        
Cultural Adaption of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind People    
The Role of Auditory Experience in the Neurobiological Systems for Effortful Listening    
Assessing the effectiveness of the Anacostia River tunnel in reduction of eutrophication        
The Effect of Hearing Protection on Postural Stability        
Neurobiological Correlates of Phonological Awareness and Reading Outcomes      
Language Emergence, Evolution, and Acquisition        
The semantics of space in Sign and Gesture    
The Influence of Language on Cognitive Development        
The impact of language experience on the neural activations of arithmetical processing  
Developmental Neuroplasticity and Timing of First Language Exposure in Infants      
Neural Bases of Tactile and Visual Language Processing      
REU Accessible Information and Communications Technologies      
Computational Investigation of Ataxia Disease-Causing Mutations        
Designing Serious Games for Chemistry      
Modeling Ion Permeation in Wild-Type and Mutant Human α7 nAChR Ion Channels        
Incorporating Original Research into Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum      

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