Research & Scholarly Achievement
at Gallaudet University

Gallaudet Small Research Grants Awarded for FY2018

The Gallaudet Small Grants Fund encourages research projects undertaken by faculty, staff, and students, covering a wide range of research topics and methodologies.

[F: Faculty; S: Student]

Study Title
  • Nicodemus, Brenda, (F) Interpretation and Translation
Address practices of deaf undergraduate students and deaf faculty: A study of language use, identity, and community
  • Langdon, Clifton, (F) PhD in Educational Neuroscience (PEN)
  • White, Bradley, (S) PhD in Educational Neuroscience (PEN)
  • Andriola, Diana, (S) PhD in Educational Neuroscience (PEN)
  • Berger, Lauren, (S) PhD in Educational Neuroscience (PEN)
  • Walker, Zoey, (S) Brain and Language Laboratory (BL2)
The Role of Auditory Experience in the Neurobiological Systems for Effortful Listening

[F: Faculty; S: Student]

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